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The Team

Who We Are


Fulden Tur


Fulden’s story started with a deep respect for food and traditions based on her family’s heritage, travels and work experience. She has been baking and cooking with her mother and her grandmother since she was a child and is so in love with it. She love to travel, cook, meet new people and share her passion and family recipes with others. Her goal is to create an intimate learning experience that is fun-filled, friendly and inviting. She loves to get people excited about spending time together in the kitchen. Professionally, she has a training and development and management background in the corporate food and beverage industry. 


The Dough House feels like home rather than work to Fulden and she & the team are grateful for all the love they receive from their guests.

Mike Lok


Mike has been cooking from the tender age of 13, beginning with wholesome, simple and homely Chinese food. Throughout the years, he has expanded his repertoire to include South East Asian and Indian cuisine to name but a few. He’s continuously learning new recipes and techniques to serve up humble and deliciously authentic food inspired by memories of his childhood, work, travel and people. For the most part, it's simply his passion for eating delicious food!


Relocating from London to Stratford-Upon-Avon and leaving his old corporate life, Mike is so pleased to have found a home at The Dough House.


Joanna Sanderson

Instructor & Interiors

Jo first got involved with The Dough House 4 years ago when she was asked to create a ceiling floral display. Fulden and Jo had an immediate connection and have been working together ever since.

In 2022 Fulden was looking for someone to run her afternoon tea experience and as a passionate home baker, Jo was the perfect choice! After a year of training with Fulden, she now runs the Afternoon Tea and Cream Tea experiences at The Dough House.


Jo feels that TDH is her second home. 

Katherine Attreed


Katherine is an experienced marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience. She has been working with The Dough House as a marketing Consultant for over 4 years.

She is originally from Australia but has lived in England for over 13 years now. She will be taking over all the client inquiries soon and become the first contact of  The Dough  House.

She is excited to be a part of the upcoming projects and eat the delicious food while working :) 



Fulden Tur - Founder

Mike Lok - Instructor

Joanna Sanderson - Instructor & Interiors

Katherine Attreed - Marketing

Catering Assistants

We have an amazing team of Catering Assistants helping us with prepping, serving and cleaning. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Say hello to Ella, Ellie, Alicia and Lola!

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