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Cooking Experience
Tequila & Mezcal Tasting 

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Hola! Our new Mexican Cooking Experience offers you an authentic taste of Mexico right here in Stratford. Our Founder, Fulden, has been to Mexico and worked with some amazing chefs to learn more about authentic Mexican & Mayan cooking. After experiencing all the traditional cooking methods in the heart of the Yucatan woods, she has brought back this knowledge to share with you.

In this fabulous experience you’ll be welcomed with some Mayan mojito, Jamaica - traditional Mexican hibiscus drink and tortilla chips with guacamole.


* You'll learn how to make handmade tortillas in the traditional way, by hand, also with a press. You’ll make a few different types of tortillas including wheat flour, and corn flour.

* You’ll also learn some different preparations of salsas, marinades and recaudos (moles and pastes) for the most important meat and chicken preparations. You’ll prepare pickled onions, salsa verde sikilpak and red & green salsa verde de molcajete for your tacos using a traditional tool, molcajete (volcanic stone pestle & mortar).   

* You’ll make ceviche, a fresh and healthy seafood appetiser with avocado sauce, Mexican rice with chaya and 5 different types of tacos. The tacos include:

  • Baja Style Fish Tacos with Chipotle Sauce (fried)

  • Cochinita Pibil Pork Tacos (pork marinated in a mixture of citrus juices, mole, and spices, then slow cooked until tender and full of flavour)

  • Dorados Beef Taquitos (these are made using cooked ground beef which are pan fried to make them crispy and golden)

  • Birria Chicken Tacos (the chicken is marinated in an adobo sauce before being cooked in a broth)

  • Vegetarian Tacos (made using refried beans)


* For dessert, we'll make the delicious, sweet tamales, a traditional Mexican dish made with masa, corn dough, corn husks, Mexican raisins and pineapple.


After the class wraps up, you'll have the chance to savour your Mexican feast accompanied by Mexican coffee and a tantalizing Mexican cocktail: Mangonadas, a delightful blend of mango, tequila and tajin spices, all under the enchanting canopy of flowers at TDH. And the perfect finale to an unforgettable culinary experience will be the Tequila & Mezcal tasting and learning about the differences! 

**Tortillas, salsas, tamales and all fresh ingredients for the toppings will be prepared individually then you will come together in a group cooking environment to cook an array of meat & vegetarian dishes. 

Hosted by Fulden Tur

Duration: 5 hours


* We offer a gift box with this class which includes a branded apron, tools, and also ingredients related to the experience. You have the option of adding this box to your class booking at the checkout. The gift box will be handed to you or your gift receiver at the end of the experience.

Ravioli Making Class - Lunch or Dining Experience: Service
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 Everything about our experience was exceptionally satisfying, from the moment we stepped inside the stunningly beautiful shop, to the warmest of welcomes from the team.


 Fulden is very knowledgable, experienced and friendly! The food we produced during class was to die for and which another credit to Fulden. 


Fulden was an amazing host and made you feel right at home and at ease learning a new skill. 

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