Christmas at The Dough House


If you’re looking for a unique/alternative Christmas party, our group cooking/baking experiences are the perfect solution..

Let us know if you would like us to cook for you instead of taking a cooking class!






Jam Making:

Apple and cranberry jam

Scone Making:

Christmas pudding scones

Mince pie brownie scones

Toffee and pear scones

Cinnamon and walnut scones

Roasted potato & rosemary scones

Cheese & bacon scones


Cake Making:

Victoria cake with ginger icing or Chocolate Brownies

*Served with extra jams, dips, clotted cream, ham, a glass of bubbly, tea and homemade lemonade.



Sauce Making:

Fresh tomato and garlic or alla vodka sauce

Ravioli making:

Christmas cracker ravioli with a roasted mushroom, chestnut, nutmeg, ricotta, parmesan, sage filling and clementine butter

Turkish ravioli with a beef or chicken and thyme filling



Dessert Making:

Tiramisu or chocolate, coconut and cranberry pudding


*Served with salad, a glass of Christmas cocktail and wine.




Bread Making:

Flatbread with garlic and rosemary

Meze Making:

Spicy king prawns

Greek meatballs with cranberry sauce

Aubergine shakshuka

Tomato and walnut salad

Lentil balls

Chicken skewers 


Dessert Making:

Christmas loukoumades (fried dough balls) with cinnamon, citrus and honey syrup



*Served with extra flatbread and mezes like homemade tzatziki, Greek chips and hummus accompanied with homemade lemonade and a glass of Greek cocktail, a total feast! 


Available from 5th November to 24th December.

To book your Christmas cooking/baking party please contact us!

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