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Cooking Experience 

Learn about the wisdom and healing power of seasonal eating. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of healing which teaches us how to live and eat in alignment with our individual metabolic and biological nature, and Nature. It advocates seasonal, mostly plant-based eating.

In this cooking class, Ayurveda Practitioner Sara Palmer, is going to guide you to:

  • uncover your unique metabolic type

  • understand the effects of the season upon your biology and psychology

  • select the best foods and cooking strategies to support optimum balance and vitality, not only through the current season but through the remaining months of the year.


She is going to show you how to adapt general Ayurveda seasonal cooking guidelines and recipes for your Ayurveda type to support optimum metabolic function.

The benefits of this can include:

  • enhanced vitality

  • better digestion and elimination

  • reduction of recurring niggling symptoms

  • better sleep

  • improved mood and positivity


Whilst the recipes you will enjoy during this cooking class include many spices from Indian cooking styles, the food itself is not solely Indian. Familiar foods will also be selected and prepared according to Ayurveda principles.


On arrival, learn how to make chapati with a flour chosen to antidote the effects of the season on the body. And enjoy this with a cup of warming chai tea which we will make together.

Following a brief introduction to the basic principles of Ayurveda and your Ayurveda type, learn to make a 3 course seasonal Ayurveda meal.

Duration: 4 hours

Hosted by: Sara Palmer


*Group bookings only, minimum 10 people

Sara Palmer, BA Hons, MA, Memb APA, YAP, CMA 

Sara Palmer is an Ayurveda Practitioner and long-time registered Senior Yoga teacher based in Stratford Upon Avon. Both her mother and grandmother loved to cook wholesome, nourishing food. They were known to always “put out a good table” and Sara inherited the same love from them. She earned a reputation for good food as soon as she left home for university, where she loved to cook great table spreads for others.

After university, she travelled and lived in various places around the world, adding to her culinary skills at the same time. Japan, Italy, and India have had big influences upon her, not only in the kitchen but in her personal and professional life.

For five years, Sara spent time living in a Yoga community where she cooked for vegetarian food for 70 people or more.

Soon afterwards, she developed chronic fatigue syndrome following an infection picked up whilst travelling.  An exploration of the healing power of foods played a great part in her journey back to full health and vitality, and Sara brings her learning and experience from this time into her teaching.

She now lives and eats the Ayurveda way to support her body and mind to stay strong and balanced, and she loves to empower others with the same know-how in Ayurveda seasonal cooking workshops and courses.

Sara has been eating a plant-based diet since she was ten years old, and her cooking is therefore plant—based and mostly vegan.


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