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Sourdough Bread Making 
Baking Experience

What We Will Do

Join us for an immersive sourdough bread making class where you'll learn the time-honored techniques and secrets behind crafting the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned baker, this class will elevate your bread-making skills to new heights.


In this hands-on workshop, you'll be guided by our founder, Fulden, who will share her expertise and passion for sourdough, also some Cordon Bleu tips! From understanding the science of fermentation to mastering the art of shaping and scoring, you'll delve into every aspect of the sourdough bread-making process.


What You'll Learn:

- The fundamentals of sourdough starter: how to create, maintain, and troubleshoot

- The science behind fermentation and its impact on flavor and texture

- Mixing, kneading, and shaping techniques for optimal gluten development

- Tips and tricks for achieving the perfect rise and oven spring

- Creative scoring techniques to add flair and character to your loaves

- How to bake and achieve the coveted golden crust and open crumb structure

- Troubleshooting common issues and achieving consistent results

- How to make shakshuka (baked eggs with fresh tomato and pepper sauce - can be made without eggs) from scratch, for our lunch


What's Included:

- All ingredients and equipment needed for the class

- Hands-on instruction and guidance from experienced tutor

- Recipes and sourdough starter to take home

- Four type of bread to take home ( white loaf, country loaf, fougasse (savoury French bread), sweet star bread (brioche type) with chocolate filling)

- TDH wooden bread baking trays (can be used many times at home) 

- A delicious meal of freshly baked sourdough bread and accompaniments under our beautiful floral roof

- A glass of wine or other drinks

- Q&A session to address any questions or concerns


Whether you're passionate about baking or simply eager to learn a new skill, this sourdough bread making class promises to inspire and empower you to create delicious artisanal bread right in your own kitchen. Join us and embark on a journey of discovery and delight as we unlock the secrets of sourdough together.

Hosted by: Fulden Tur

Duration: 4 hours


* Vegetarian menu is available upon request. 

* We offer a gift box with this class which includes cooking & baking tools, and also ingredients related to the experience. You have the option of adding this box to your class booking at the checkout. The gift box will be handed to you or your gift receiver at the end of the experience.



Fantastic family day spent with Fulden, sourdough making ; we managed to learn and achieve so much with Fulden’s patient guidance! The day was so relaxing and homely ,she made us feel so welcome.Enjoyed the results over the weekend!


Definitely the best workshop I have ever been to! I can’t recommend it enough. Fulden was so friendly and welcomed us in to her beautiful home. I learnt so much, had lots of fun, an amazing lunch and came home with a big bag of home baked delicious goodies. Can’t wait for my next workshop with Fulden. Thank you so much for a truly memorable day.


JUST AMAZING!!! What a wonderful experience my adult daughter and I had at Fulden's. She is an amazing hostess and baker and her home is spacious, warmly and lovely decorated and her baked goods- delicious. Oh, and her homemade jams- wonderful - not your store bought jams!

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