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Ravioli Making Class - Lunch or Dining Experience: Service

Sourdough Pizza Making
Baking Experience

What We Will Do

Our pizza making experience is very unique as we play with different styles, techniques and flavors from different countries.

What You'll Learn:

- The fundamentals of sourdough starter: how to create, maintain, and troubleshoot

- The science behind fermentation and its impact on flavor and texture

- Mixing, kneading, stretching and shaping techniques 

- How to bake your pizza in a most authentic way

- Troubleshooting common issues and achieving consistent results

- How to make tomato & garlic sauce, beef topping, panna cotta with berry compote and ruby chocolate drizzle, all from scratch


What's Included:

- All ingredients and equipment needed for the class

- Hands-on instruction and guidance from experienced tutor

- Recipes and sourdough starter to take home

- Three type of pizza, one to bake during the class and two to take home, Tigelle, a flatbread from Emilia-Romagna, Italy, that is often filled with salami and cheese ( Italian pizza with your choice of toppings, Turkish pide with a beef topping, French tarte flambe with a white base and traditional toppings ) 

- A delicious meal of freshly baked pizza and Tigelle sandwiches, Mediterranean salad, panna cotta and other accompaniments under our beautiful floral roof

- A glass of wine or other drinks

- Q&A session to address any questions or concerns

As the aroma of freshly baked sourdough pizza fills the air and laughter echoes in the room, we conclude our sourdough pizza class with a sense of fulfilment. Gained with newfound skills and inspiration, you'll be ready to carry on your own culinary adventures, crafting mouth-watering sourdough pizzas that will delight friends and family alike. We encourage you to continue experimenting, innovating, and sharing the joy of sourdough pizza with others. Thank you for joining us! 

Hosted by: Fulden Tur

Duration: 4 hours


* Vegetarian menu is available upon request. 

* We offer a gift box with this class which includes cooking & baking tools, and also ingredients related to the experience. You have the option of adding this box to your class booking at the checkout. The gift box will be handed to you or your gift receiver at the end of the experience.

Traditional turkish baked dish pide. Turkish pizza pide, tomatoes, wooden spoon on the tab



From the moment you walk in you are made to feel so welcome by the owner.
She is a great host and with a wealth of experience she is a great teacher.
It’s good fun and a great way to spend a few hours while learning or honing your pizza skills.
You finish off eating your creations while having a drink of choice.
Highly recommend you do this and happily give 5 stars!


WOW! Beautiful setting and amazing food! Fulden was welcoming, engaging and full of stories. We throughly enjoyed our private pizza making class. We took the opportunity to have our pre-wedding photos taken during the class. The tomato sauce was divine, we’ve made it a few times since. The Dough House has a mini shop with utensils and spices which is also available on their online shop. Thanks for a wonderful lunch Fulden, we will definitely be back. 


Spent the afternoon at the Dough House today and it was a great experience. We did the sourdough pizza making course. Fulden was fun, engaging and knowledgable.
We made 4 different styles of pizza from scratch and then got it  served up with wine , salads and finished off with a freshly made panacotta! Great way to spend an afternoon :)

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