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Meze and Flatbread

Cooking & Baking Experience

What We Will Do

Because we are The Dough House, the stars of this experience are flatbread and Aegean doughnuts! We will make our bread from scratch all by hand. Aegean doughnuts (loukoumades) are citrusy fried or baked sourdough balls served with honey syrup. After that we will make 6 different types of mezes:

*Greek meatballs, chicken skewers and spicy prawn casserole.

*Turkish aubergine shakshuka, tomato and walnut salad, lentil balls. 

Some extra mezes will be served like homemade tzatziki and hummus accompanied with a glass of Greek cocktail or wine, a total Aegean feast! 

A vegetarian menu is also available, please message us for the details. 




From the minute that Fulden greeted us we knew we were in for a treat. She is very warm and welcoming also extremely knowledgeable. Very good value for money; the cooking space is absolutely stunning very light and airy.


Fulden was the perfect host - with homemade lemonade on arrival refreshing and uplifting. An absolute joy of an evening!


We really didn’t know what to expect, we were welcomed with a homemade drink and invited in. The time went very quickly and Fulden made us both very at ease sharing her vast cooking knowledge and her abundant love for food. We then sat down and shared the meal of what we had made at the end. Everything was SO delicious!

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