Full Afternoon Tea & Baking Gift Set Royal Albert

Full Afternoon Tea & Baking Gift Set Royal Albert

Get a free online baking class when you purchase this gift set (45 minutes)!!! Learn how to perfect your scone and cake making! Please message us to arrange your class.


Our full afternoon tea & baking gift set is a perfect present for an afternoon tea lover or a great family activity, with original antique Royal Albert tea & cake set. This set includes scone and cake mixes, baking tools and instructions, also table decor. You'll get everything you need to create an amazing afternoon tea party at home, all home-made!! 


* 2 x Royal Albert tea cups, saucers and side plates

* 1 x table cloth 

* 1 x TDH apron

* 4 x organic scone mixes

(choose from plain, spicy winter fruit, raspberry & coconut, lemon & blueberry, chocolate & orange, cinnamon & walnut, savory pizza)

* 1 x organic chocolate fudge cake mix

* 1 x mixed berry homemade jam

* Organic TDH afternoon tea blend loose tea (25g) and strainer

* Mini cake tin

*  1 x scone cutter set, flour sifter, grater, spatula, silicone brush

* Baking instructions


* Comes in a logo box


*Free local delivery or pick up in Stratford upon Avon only. Please choose standard delivery option at the check out if we need to post your gift set.


80% of our ingredients are organic ðŸŒ± 


Allergy Advice:

*Our products may contain traces of cereal, peanut, soy, celery, sesame seeds, mustard, dairy products, egg, sulfites in some raw materials processed. 

*Contains nuts.

*Contains gluten.



*Consume before the expiration day (3 months). Suitable for home freezing after baking. 


    Table cloth size
    Scone Mix 1
    Scone Mix 2
    Scone Mix 3
    Scone Mix

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