Afternoon Tea For One

Afternoon Tea For One

Our legendary afternoon tea is in a box for you to enjoy at home now! 


*Minimum order quantity is 6 boxes.

*You will receive a complimentary bottle of sparkling rose when you order for 2 and additional bottles for every 5 boxes. Leave us a note at the checkout if you prefer a bottle of non alcoholic homemade lemonade.

*To be able to add different selections please choose from the options for the first person, add to cart, then start again for every additional order. 


2 Scones 

Choose from plain, fruit, cinnamon & walnut, chocolate & orange, coconut & berries, rose & lime, lemon & poppy seeds, blueberries & almond, cheese & chilli, pizza, spinach & feta. 

2 Sourdough Mini Rolls

Choose from green pesto & mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes, pulled beef & homemade slaw, Thai green curry chicken & mayo, smoked salmon & cream cheese, egg & mayo, roasted aubergines and peppers with garlic tomato sauce & halloumi, avocado & lime and chilli, feta & tomatoes with olive oil and chives. 

2 Mini Cakes

Victoria sponge with orange blossom icing and mixed berry jam.

2 Chocolate & Orange & Hazelnut Pastries

Homemade chocolate & orange puff pastry filled with hazelnut cream.

Meringues and Fresh Strawberries

No artificial food colouring. We use natural ingredients like pitaya and raspberry powder to create our colourful meringues. 

1 Small Jar of Homemade Jam 

Mixed berry, tropical, baked peach or apricot, plum. 

1 Small Jar of Homemade Tapenade 

Olive paste for your savory scones.

Organic Loose Tea

12.5 gr.

Clotted Cream

1 box.


We make everything from scratch, bake/cook them couple of hours before the delivery. We don't mind spending more time and energy and we make everything with love â¤ï¸ 80% of our ingredients are organic ðŸŒ± 


Artisan, handmade, homemade, fresh, organic. 


Allergy Advice:

*Our products may contain traces of cereal, peanut, soy, nuts in shell, celery, sesame seeds, mustard, dairy products, egg, sulfites in some raw materials processed. 


* Store in an airtight container. Consume within 2 days. Suitable for home freezing. 

*Contains gluten.

    Scones (x2)
    Rolls (x2)

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