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What We Will Do

First, we will make our homemade easy ice cream (coconut & berries) and then start baking! You will get a chance to bake pink rose & raspberry chiffon, matcha green tea & pistachio, coffee & walnut, carrot cake and Alsatian (French) chocolate balls, raspberry & coconut macaroons, apple & walnut & cinnamon cookies. We will be using only organic ingredients and healthy options like coconut sugar, honey, spelt flour, coconut oil and many more. As we use so much coconut in everything, this experience is perfect for coconut lovers! We will have a great tea party here but there will be so many cakes and cookies made so you will take the leftovers home for your loved ones.

Once back home, you will be able to practice what you have learnt. I will email you written recipes and lots of tips!  

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